make me choose | anonymous asked: amerikate or billyteddy?

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[2-7/100] beautiful blondes

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'Either you just made me want to switch parties or have sex again.'

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Wonder Woman is there to kick ass not give you a boner —favorite response to some dude saying the Wonder Woman costume isn’t sexy enough on Facebook (via katiebishop)

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55/ edits of this asshole known as Jeremy Renner

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#this comic is perfect

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The Greatest Tattoo Artists in the World, and where to find them.

Peter Aurisch - Berlin, Germany

Alice Carrier - Portland, Oregon

Chaim Machlev - Berlin, Germany

Kenji Alucky - Hokkaido, Japan

Marcin Aleksander Surowiec - Warsaw, Poland

Ien Levin - Kiev, Ukraine

Amanda Wachob - Brooklyn, N.Y

Madame Chän - Berlin, Germany

David Hale in Athens, Georgia 

Ondrash in Znojmo, Czech Republic

these are beautiful

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we need a deadpool marvel movie

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